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David Nunn was born on December 11, 1921. He was the son of Henry and Eva Nunn who were passionate in their faith in God. David was the youngest of nine children. David worked hard through the depression by selling newspapers and magazines to help his family financially. He grew up in the Oak Cliff Assembly of God church and even had an experience where God healed his foot instantly. Nunn drifted away from the Lord during his teenage years. Like many of the young men at the time Nunn joined the service during World War II. He was a member of the intelligence division of the Army-Air Force and served as photographer of bombing raids over Germany. His parents prayed for him and he was miraculously saved many times. He eventually worked his way up to Sergeant before being honorably discharged at the end of the war. After the war he returned to Dallas. He became a photographer for Sears in their downtown location. His lifestyle degenerated until he described himself as a womanizer, alcoholic, and gambler.

On a cold night in November 1946 Nunn's sister, Louise, invited him to attend a Monday night revival service at Oak Cliff Assembly of God church. The evangelist was a woman by the name of Anna B. Locke. Few people attended the meeting but during the service Nunn came under great conviction. He ran down to the altar and gave his life to Christ. Shortly after this Nunn met Leona Hagood and fell in love. They were married on May 16, 1947. They would eventually have two daughters and two sons. Desiring to enter the ministry Nunn attended the Southwestern Assemblies of God College, for a short time, before leaving to become a pastor in Seagoville, Texas. He quickly moved on to pastor at a second church in Ft. Smith, Arkansas.

Nunn had a desire to see God move in miraculous ways. In 1949 a little girl's face was healed of paralysis after he prayed for her. This was a turning point for Nunn. In January 1950 Nunn was praying in his church for the church service. God spoke to him and said"Get up from here and go to every city and heal the sick therein and preach the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand." He stepped out and began holding healing crusades in a tent. In 1954 Nunn founded the Bible Revival Evangelistic Association, the ministry he oversaw for the next forty-two years. By the mid-1950s he was a member of the Voice of Healing and an international radio speaker. His organization grew over the next twenty years and it became a strong missionary ministry. Nunn held large crusades in India, Africa, Central America and South America, and sponsored many churches and ministers there. He founded the Kohima Bible College of Nagaland, India, and established offices in Allahabad, India, and Durban, South Africa. His daily radio broadcast, The Healing Messenger, was aired in India and Africa. He wrote twenty books and several pamphlets including "The Battle In The Heavenlies", "Declaration Of Faith", "When America Fights Russia", "Mission Accomplished", "Disciples Prayer", "Judgement Must Begin At The House Of God", "Manifestation Of The Spirit", "Jesus The Healer Divine", "The Confession Of Faith", "The Wonder Of Calvary", "God's Gifts", "God's Dynamic Trio", "The Triumph Of The Cross", "The Gifts Of The Spirit", "The Key To Spiritual Gifts", "The One Thing God Cannot Forgive", "The Coming Holocaust In Palestine" and others.

In the September 1962 Gordon Lindsay and several of the prominent Voice of Healing Evangelists established a new ministerial organization known as the Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministers International (FGFCMI). Nunn dropped his Assembly of God ordination and joined the new group. He attended the first meeting and was elected to the Board of Directors as the head of the Evangelism arm of the ministry. During the course of Nunn's lifetime it is estimated that over one million people responded to his altar calls. He was a faithful man preaching the full gospel of Christ for 50 years. In 1983 Nunn returned to his roots and reinstated his credentials with the Assembly of God denomination. He remained with the organization, as an evangelist, until his death on April 15, 2003 in Mesquite, Texas. His son Tommy Nunn has taken over the ministry and continues it today.

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