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Lorne Franklin Fox was born November 23, 1911 in Roslin, Ontario, Canada. He came from a family committed to God. His mother had been a traveling evangelist. Frank Fox, Lorne's father, was converted in an evangelistic meeting. Frank felt a call to ministry, but chose to remain a businessman. The couple lived in Ontario, Canada. They eventually had three children, a boy named Herbert, a girl named Ethel, and finally the youngest boy Lorne. His sister was sickly from birth. At the age of five she weighed less than 25 pounds! By the time Fox was born they lived in a small town in northern Alberta, Canada. Fox's mother dedicated him to the Lord and believed that he would one day preach the gospel.

Tragedy took hold of the Fox family. Fox's mother died. A fire swept the town they lived in and the family lost their business and home within a few hours. They were left destitute. Fox's father moved the family to Edmonton in Alberta Canada. Ethel's health continued to fail to the point where she was virtually blind. She had tuberculosis and was on the point of death. Fox's father was also seriously ill and doctors wanted to operate. Fox suddenly became seriously ill and was diagnosed with St. Vitus Dance, an acute disturbance of the central nervous system characterized by involuntary muscular movements of the face and extremities. The disease, now known as Sydenham's chorea, is usually a complication of rheumatic fever. Fox started having heart attacks. His heart had become enlarged. His physical jerking was so intense his father would sleep with him and hold him so he would not thrash constantly and keep himself awake. All these things occurred before Fox had reached the age of thirteen.

The family was attending a liberal church in Edmonton. The pastor of the church had heard about a healing evangelist named Charles S. Price who was holding meetings in Calgary, Alberta. Wanting to "protect" his flock from the teachings the pastor attended the meetings so he could expose the evangelist. As a pastor he was given a seat on the platform. What he saw that day changed his life. He saw healings and miracles he knew that no one but God could do. He repented and shared what he had seen with his church. His church became one of the sponsors of the Edmonton campaign of Price in the following weeks.

Desperate for God to touch their broken family they attended the meetings led by Price. First Fox's father was prayed for and healed. Next his sister was prayed for and her vision was healed, her tuberculosis disappeared, and a leg which had been six inches shorter than the other was also healed. Fox's pastor and father took him to a meeting to receive prayer. When the call for prayer was given people rushed forward and Fox could not get to the front. About midnight Price finally reached Fox and prayed for him. He was dramatically healed within moments.

Inspired by Price, Fox began to give his testimony and hold evangelistic meetings. Fox was very musical and played accordion and piano in many of his meetings. During the 1930s Fox ministered at Houston Evangelistic Temple, the church run by Raymond T. Richey's father E. N. Richey. In 1934 Fox was ordained and Assembly of God minister and added to their general council. In 1947 he saw the rise of the Healing Revival and began to hold meetings on the West coast, including Ashland, Oregon. He started his own magazine called "The Healing Word". He became associated with the "Voice of Healing" and spoke at several of the meetings led by William Branham. He eventually traveled worldwide including Africa, Finland, and Hong Kong holding healing and evangelistic services. His travels in Africa from 1959-1963 were some of the most significant he experienced. He saw thousands come to Christ and healings occurred regularly in his meetings.

Fox often traveled with his wife Ruth and his sister Ethel. He ministered for 50 years and was a regular speaker at Angelus Temple in the 1960s. He also wrote several books including "This Is My Story", "From Death to Life", "He Giveth More Grace", "God Called Me to Preach", "and "God Took Hold of My Hand", "The Last Weapon", "They Looked Unto Him", "From Bondage to Freedom", "Visions of Heaven, Hell, and the Cross", "How to Overcome Fear and Frustration", "With Signs Following", "Africa Safari", and he also put out song sets like "Christ, the Good Samaritan, and Other Songs". His sister Ethel also wrote about their life and travels in a book titled "Bless the Lord O My Soul" Fox died on December 23, 1988 in the Fresno, California area.


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