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"Filling and Healing"

We don't know a lot about Mary Boddy. She was the daughter of an Anglican minister. In 1890 she assisted Reverend Alexander A. Boddy during revival services in Monkwearwith, Sunderland, England. They became attracted to each other and got married in 1891. In 1899 she was healed of asthma and began a healing ministry. She also had musical and teaching skills.

Hearing about the Welsh revival her husband Alexander investigated it in 1907 and then went on to Oslo, Norway. A Methodist pastor named Thomas Ball Barratt had traveled to the United States and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit in 1906 and returned to Oslo teaching about his experience. Boddy returned and shared with his family and his church what he had found. In September 1907, Mr. Barratt came to their church in Sundrland. Several in the church including Mary, and the Boddy's two daughters, were baptized in the Holy Spirit in September 1907. Mary often prayed with people to receive the Holy Spirit. The most famous of these is Smith Wigglesworth. Although Mary became an invalid in 1910 she regularly prayed for the sick and saw healings until her death in 1926.

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