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References for Edward Irving

Mary Campbell Receives the Gift of Tongues
The Healings of Margaret MacDonald and Mary Campbell


The Life Of Edward Irving Vol I. By Mrs. Oliphant
The Life Of Edward Irving Vol II. By Mrs. Oliphant
The Writings Of Edward Irving Vol II
Edward Irving An Ecclesiastical And Literary Biography
The Oracles Of God by Edward Irving
The Death Of Rev. Edward Irving
The Trial Of The Rev. Edward Irving
Reminiscences Of Edward Irving
Perilous Times Of The Last Days By Edward Irving
For Missionaries After The Apostolical School By Edward Irving
Biographical Sketch Of Edward Irving
Edward Irving Man, Preacher, Prophet
Distinctives Of The Church Irving Helped Establish - Notice the Parallels To Pentacostal Teaching
Sermons, Lectures and Occasional Discourses By Edward Irving
Letter To The King On Laws By Edward Irving
Quote From Irving On Nature
Lectures On The Book Of Revelation I By Edward Irving
Daniel's Vision Of The Four Beasts By Edward Irving
The Day Of Pentecost Or The Baptism Of The Holy Ghost By Edward Irving
Words Of Comfort - Irving Discusses His Child Edward Lost In Infancy


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