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Twenty Ways in Which God Shows His Will for Healing of the Sick by F. F. Bosworth


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April 1928 Miracle Testimony - 6 Deaf Children Healed in One Night
Girl Healed of Deafness in Chicago
F. F. Bosworth In South Africa With William Branham


From the Voice of Healing Organization
From the Chicago Daily Times
Blue Island Illinois Newspaper Obituary


Where Buried

Woodlawn Park Cemetery

3260 SW 8th St, Miami, FL

Section 11, Site 213 Lot 2


(Directions - Enter the gates on SW 8th Street. Pass the office building and take you first left immediately after the office. When you come to the next Y in the road stay left. When you see see a small sign on the right that says "babyland" park the car. Directly opposite on your left in the second row back will be the Bosworth headstone. The grave marker is flat and directly in front of the headstone.)


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