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References for Lilian B. Yeomans

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Testimony from the Leaves of Healing Magazine
Second Testimony from the Leaves of Healing Magazine
Not One Feeble Among All Their Tribes
Tried By Fire
Faithful Is He Who Promised - Testimony of Healing Through Yeomans
University Of Michigan Medical Graduation Listing Of Yeomans 1882
Divine Healing
Divine Healing II
Divine Healing III
Divine Healing IV
God's Covenant Of Healing
Teaching On Divine Healing In The Gateway Psalm
Divine Healing In The Book Of Psalms
Divine Healing In The Book Of Proverbs
Bible Studies In Divine Healing
Divine Healing In The Prophecies
Divine Healing And The Use Of The Tongue
Divine Healing In The New Testament
The Bible vs Christian Science - Which?
Behold He Cometh
Bible Diseases
Praise Cure Psalm 103:1-7
Demon Influence And Demon Possession
Fight Of Faith
Forever Settled
Signs Following
The Conquered Curse
Put Out Your Tongue
Healing Under The Evening Star
Pills Or Promises?
Poppies Red and Poppies White
Spiritual Sanitation
The Lame Man Of Lystra
Incorruptible Seed
We Are Debtors To The Heathen
Thy Children Like Olive Plants
Wilt Thou Be Made Whole?
The Church Of The Catacombs
Divine Healing In The Lord's Prayer
Stages Of Faith
Moses' Medicine Chest
This Is The Rest And.. This is The Refreshing
Our Letter Of Introduction
Resurrection Rays
Green Hearts and Rosy Trumpets
The Covenant And The Contradiction
His Face To The Wall
Thirty-Five Years Of Divine Health
As They Went
Thrust Out From The Land
A Song Of Resurrection
The Man Borne Of Four
The Man With The Withered Hand
Aeneas, Jesus Christ Cures You
How Shall I Curse Whom God Hath Not Cursed?
God Called Abraham Alone
Our Daily Bread
Let Us Go Over Unto The Other Side
Walking On The Water
Eat The Book
Written In The Book Of Psalms
Divine Healing In The Sunburst Psalm
Place... Called Calvary
Home Sweet Home Psalm
Behold The Lamb Of God
Comfort For All
Jesus Christ Maketh Thee Whole
The Dying Thief
A Love Story
The Woman Then Left Her Waterpot
Lord For The Body
A Bible Birthday Party
The Miracle Baby
Dr. Luke's Testimony Of Divine Healing
Living Letters
God's Reveille
The Valley Of Dry Bones
Rose Of Sharon
Christ's All Sufficiency
Jordan Driven Back
God's Need
Sit Down On The Grass
A Certain Woman
Mary Hath Chosen
Man Your Battle Stations
Out Of The Depths - Testimony And Obituary
Over Or Under?
Resurrection Rays
The Life Is In The Blood
How To Receive Healing
Spring Medicine
A Song Of Resurrection


Dr Yeomans is Buried at

Forest Lawn Memorial Park
1712 S. Glendale Avenue
Glendale, CA. / (323) 254-3131

Dr Yeoman's Obituary - LA Times December 11, 1942


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