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Testimonies of Healing Through Torrey
A Young Man Dying of Typhoid Is Healed
A Child's Deformity Is Healed
A Paralyzed Woman Is Healed
Torrey's Own Ear Is Healed
Boy With Meningitis Healed


The Welsh Revival and The London Mission
The Companionship of the Holy Spirit
Open-Air Meetings
How To Deal With Those Who Have Little or No Concern With Their Souls
The Use of Tracts
Are You Criticizing God?
Principals of Biblical Interpretation
The Day of Golden Opportunity
The Great Attraction: The Uplifted Christ
How To Be Inexpressably Happy
The Power of Prayer
The Secret of Abiding Peace
Looking to Jesus
Keeping Praying Until God Answers
How To Pray
How God Guides
The Christian Conception of God
Beginning Right
The Importance of Personal Soul Winning
Revival Addresses
Why God Used D. L. Moody
How To Pray So You Get What You Ask
How To Pray (Entire Book)
The Prayer of Faith
The Deity of Jesus Christ
The Personality of the Holy Spirit
The Christian Union and The Devil's Counterfeit
The New Topical Text Book
Bible Doctrines
The Baptism With The Holy Spirit
The English Bible
The Fundamental Doctrines Of The Christian Faith
Anecdotes And Illustrations
Salvation Through A Torrey Meeting
Torrey Denounces Dowie
Torrey Revival Decriptions
How To Study The Bible For Greatest Profit
Report On The Revival In Australia
How To Promote and Conduct a Successful Revival: With Suggested Outlines


Audio from and about R. A. Torrey MP3
Some Reasons Why I Believe the Bible to Be the Word of God - Torrey's Own Voice!


Research Sources
Billy Graham Research Center Information on Torrey
A Feast of Fragments: Papers of R. A. Torrey by Bob Shuster of The Billy Graham Research Center
Moody Bible Institute Archive


Rev. R. A. Torrey is Buried at

Montrose Bible Conference
Conference Hill
Montrose, PA 18801


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