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Faith-Cure & Healing Homes List

Early healing homes had their greatest influence from 1880-1915. In 1877 R. Kelso Carter mentions that there are over 30 Healing Homes that he is aware of. Except for the largest, they usually functioned as people's personal homes where those seeking healing could come and be taught and prayed for. By 1920 Paul Rader of the Christian and Missionary Alliance organization lamented most the the healing homes that had been associated with his organization had closed. Many of those who started the homes were passing away, moved on to include the Pentecostal message, or simply shifted their focus to missionary support. Most of these homes are mentioned in passing in various periodicals and no specific dates are available, although they predominantly fall into the 1880-1915 window. Several are associated with the Chrisitan and Missionary Alliance referred to here as C&MA. Please remember that in 1888, when many are mentioned in the Christian Alliance Yearbook, the Alliance was a loose inter-denominational organization which included many different types of churches. They listed these homes under the title of those having "Meetings for the Promotion of Christian Holiness and Divine Healing". A second major source is the "Triumphs of Faith" Magazine by Carrie Judd Montgomery. If the home is not listed with a particular name but only referred to as a Healing or Faith Home then we have simply listed it under the town name. Please do not assume that this was the "official name" for the home.


Those listed with *** had national or international impact.


Adrian, Michigan - Mr and Mrs Joseph Knapp, 34 N McKenzie Street, Healing Meetings Sunday afternoons at 3:00.

***Bad Boll - under the ministry of Johann Christoph Blumhardt in Bad Boll Sulphur Springs, Germany (1880-?) Opened by the senior Blumhardt but the ministry was continued by his son

Baltimore , Maryland Ministry - run by Mrs Green before 1888

Berachah Mission - run by Rev R. C. Oliver and Rev J. W. Blosser in Augusta, Georgia started before 1888

Berachah Mission- run by Miss Adams at 70 Hanover St, Manchester, New Hampshire started before 1888

***Berachah - Ministry of A. B. Simpson (C&MA) managed by Ellen A. Griffin and Sarah A. Lindenberg (1883-1917) Locations: 331 W. 34th Street, New York City May 1883, - 328 W. 23rd Street, New York City May 1884, - 61st and Park Avenues, New York City, - 100 and 102 E 61st Street, 250 W. 44th Street March 1890, - and Nyack, New York 1898

Bethany Home and Mission - run by A. S. Orne in Haverill, Massachusetts 1892

Bethany Home - run by Reverend John Salmon and a Mrs. R. I. Fletcher - in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (1890 - ?) (started in 1888 at Bronlaw's Hall, corner of Gerard and Yonge Sts, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Bethany Home - run by Rev. John Morrow amd Miss M. E. Moorehead, 113 17 Ave., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvannia (another publication lists 113 Center Ave.) John Morrow eventually was removed for inappropriate behavior.

Beth-el Divine Healing Home and Mission - run by Charles Parham (1898-1900) Topeka, Kansas

***Bethshan - under the Ministry of W.E. Boardman, Elizabeth Baxter, Charlotte Murray, and Elizabeth Sisson (1882-?) 10 Drayton Park, Holloway Rd., Highbury London, England. ..Another Reference here.

Beulah Rest Home - run by Dora Griffin Dudley in Grand, Rapids Michigan (1887-1919) Three locations 91 Baxter Street, then 85 Baxter Street, then 418 Horton Ave. in 1903

Beulah Home - run by Mrs E. Stine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia 1521 Oxford Street, (1889-?)

***Boston Consumptive's Home, initially 4 and 6 Vernon Street city subsequently renamed the street and became 11 Willard Street, Boston, Massachusetts then moved to Dorchester, Massachuesetts to Grove Hill - under the ministry of Dr. Charles Cullis. Started as a consumptives home and then shifted to also include healing. (1864 - ~1892)

Brooklyn Home - run by Rev J. C. Young, 980 1/2 DeKalb Ave, Brooklyn, http://www.bklyn-genealogy-info.com/Census/1900/1910.Faith.cen.htmlIncruaNew York (by 1885)

Brooklyn Home - run by Rev. Pannell, Berean Church (before 1888)

Chicago Healing Home - run by Rev Glen Wood and Mr J. B. Webb 15 Washington St at the corner of Wabash Ave., before 1888

Cleveland Healing Home - run by Mrs Thompson, 74 Cedar Ave, Cleveland, OH before 1888

Christian Workers Union, Pentecostal Center and Faith Home, run by the Otis Family, Framingham, MA 1910s

Church of God Healing Home - Run by J. W. and Jennie Byers, 721 16th St., Oakland, California, started in 1896 and run for two and a half years.

Detroit Ministry - run by Mr and Mrs. Bronson before 1888

Elim Faith Home - Run by Elizabeth Baker and the "Duncan Sisters" (1895-?) Rochester, New York

Elsey Memorial Chapel - Jersey City Heights, Sundays and Thursday 3 pm Divine Healing Meetings.

El Shaddai - run by David Wesley Myland in Cleveland, Ohio started before 1888

Faith Cottage - run by Miss M. H. Mossman in Ocean Grove, New Jersey (by 1885)

Faith Cottage - started by George O. Barnes and later run by Mrs. Midkiff in Stanford, Kentucky (also known as the "Pink Cottage")

Faith Cottage - run by Mary H. Mossman, Embury Ave., Ocean Grove, NJ in summer months.

Faith Home - run by Miss M. F. Barker and Miss H. M. Anderson first in Utica, New York (1881) and then in Ilion, New York (1883-?)

Women's Faith Home for Incurables - run by Fanny Campbell in Brooklyn, New York.

Faith Home Inc., a Pentecostal Faith Home Associated with the Church of the Firstborn, 846 E. Broadway, East Providence, RI 1921-1923?

Faith House - run by Mary H. Mossman State Rd 26, Melrose, Florida part time. Walking tour shows location (Late 1800s - 1918)

Faith Hospital and Rest Home, Next to the Four-Fold Gospel Tabernacle, Pastors Earl and Beulah Park, Indianapolis, Indiana 1926

***Faith Rest Cottage - Run by Carrie Judd (later Montgomery) after her healing. (1882- 1890) Buffalo, New York.

Faith Rest Home - 150 Huron Street, Cleveland, Ohio.

Four-fold Gospel Mission Chapel - run by Sarah M. C. Musgrove, 250 3rd Ave, Lansingburgh (now Troy), New York 1883 then 3337 6th Ave, Troy, New York 1896

Gospel Mission- run by Rev Charles Ryder at 114 High St., Providence, Rhode Island started before 1888

Gospel Tabernacle - run by Rev. M. Hawkins, Brooklyn, New York (before 1888)

Hauptweil Healing Home - run by Pastor Otto Stockmayer, Pastor Stoffer, and a Madame Mahlerb near Basle, Switzerland. (1870's - ~1917)

Hebron Home - run by Mr and Mrs Frederic Senft (C&MA) in Philadelphia, Pensylvannia.

Home of Divine Healing - Rev E. H. Cobb, The Old Rectory in Crowhurst, Sussex, England, UK 1930s

***Home of Peace - Run by Carrie Judd and George Montgomery. (1893- 1946) Oakland, California. Now serving as a Bed and Breakfast

Ilion Healing Home - run by Misses M. F. Barker and H. M. Anderson in Ilion, New York

John G. Lake Healing Rooms - under the ministry of John G. Lake. Spokane, Washington (1915- 1920) and Portland, Oregan (1920-?)

Kemuel House - run by Mrs. Sarah G. Beck 4703 Hancock St, Germantown, Pennsylvannia. Wallace and Broad Streets. Ethan O. Allen would visit and minister Also Found on the 1888 C&MA List

Kemuel Home - run by Sarah G. Beck, moved to Philadelphia from Germantown. First on 127 S 12th Street and then Mt Vernon Street, late 1880s

London Faith Home - run by Mr & Mrs Cantel in London, England

Louisville Home - run first by J. T. Burghad and then taken over by Mrs. Clift in Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville Healing Home - Rev Richard Deering 901 E Jefferson St., Louisville, Kentucky started before 1888

Manchester Healing Meetings - run by Rev E. W. Oakes at People's Church in Manchester, New Hampshire started before 1888

***Mannedorf Healing Homes - Dorothea Trudel and then taken over by Samuel Zeller in Mannedorf, Switzerland (1851-?) Now serving as a Bed and Breakfast

Milwaukee Divine Healing Home, associated with Cyrus B. Fockler, 1924

Minneapolis and St. Paul Ministry -Mrs. Morrow and Friends before 1888

Missionary Rest Home/ later Pentecostal Home - Clara Miner and Dr. Jennie Trout. Los Angeles California. (~1913-1926) later taken over by a Miss A. E. Jacobson and moved to Altadena, California

Mountain Lake Park Faith Home, C&MA, 1897

Nashville Healing Home - run by Miss M. Gordon, 26 Vauxhall St., Nashville, Tennessee started before 1888

New York City Faith Home - run by J. R. Newton in New York City, New York

Peniel Faith Home - run by Anna Prosser at 290 Fargo Ave, Buffalo, New York 1896-1902

Pisgah Mission - run by Finis E. Yoakum (1906-1914) in Los Angeles, California

Pittsburgh Healing Home - run by Reverend E. D. Whiteside and William H. Conley (C&MA) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Saratoga Ministry - run by Rev. Mr. Traver, in Saratoga, New York before 1888

Seattle Faith Home - run by Brother Johnson in Seattle, Washington 1904

***Shiloh Healing Homes - under the ministry of John Alexander Dowie (1894-1906) first in Chicago, Illinois and then Zion City, Illinois

Springfield Faith Home - run by Miss Shoemaker with support from Ethan Otis Allen in Springfield, Massachusetts in the 1880s. Run by Rosa and Orpha in the 1890s.

Stratford Healing Home - run by Miss Fannie Curtis in Stratford, Connecticut

Stratford Faith Home - run by Arthur and Kittie Sloan in Stratford, Connecticut

St Louis Faith Cure Home - run by J. D. Asbough in St. Louis, Missouri

Sunderland Faith, Rest, and Healing Home under Alexander Boddy 1911

Toronto Faith Home, Harry and Martha Wing Robinson, Eugene and Sara Brooks, (1909-1911)

Utica Healing Home - run by Mrs J. P. Kellogg (C&MA) in Utica, New York (these are the Kelloggs of the cereal name, this home started out as healing and having healthy food, Seventh Day Adventists)

Zion Faith Home - run by Harry and Martha Wing Robinson, Eugene and Sara Brooks, (1910 - 1936) Zion, Illinois


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