Healing and Revival


US - District of Columbia Listings

Washington, DC
John G. Lake, Dec 1913
James Moore Hickson, Healing Mission, Trinity Church and Church of the Epiphany, Apr 1920
Aimee Semple McPherson, Evangelistic and Healing Meetings, McKendree Methodist Episcopal Church, Massachusetts and Ninth Streets, Apr 29, 1920 Meeting Description Another Meeting Description
Mattie Perry, Revival and Healing Meetings, Brfother Kline's Missin, Maryland Avenue Baptist Church, Old Wesley Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church (8 months), 1924.
Charles S. Price, Healing Meetings, Tabernacle, North Capital and K Streets, Jul 11-15, 1928
F. F. Bosworth, Healing and Evangelistic Campaign, Washington Auditorium, 19th and E. Streets NW, Aug - Sep 1928
F. F Bosworth, Healing and Evangelistic Campaign, President Theatre, Pennsylvania Ave at 11th St., Oct 10-Nov 3, 1928
Smith Wigglesworth, Healing Meetings, Old Fashioned Gospel Tabernacle, 505 L Street NE then Masonic Temple, Dec 1934
Mattie Perry, Revival and healing Meetings, Calvary Church 19th Street, 1935
Raymond T. Richey, Evangelistic and Healing Meetings, Full Gospel Tabernacle, Oct 4-18, 1942
William Branham, Oral Roberts, Jack Coe, A. C. Valdez, Healing Meeting, Constitution Hall, Jun 21-24, 1954



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