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Maria Woodworth-Etter, Camp Meeting, 5 miles from Alexandria, mid 1885
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Healing Meetings, Fairgrounds, 10 days. 1886 Report on Meeting
Maria Woodworth-Etter and H. H. Spiher (pastor), Church of God (Winebrenner), established. Nov 1887
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Church of God (Winebrenner), Dec 1890-Jan 1891 Read a Testimony
Bethel, Delaware County
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Revival Meeting, before Jul 1883
William Branham, Healing Meeting, Faith Assembly, Oct 1959 and May 1962
Columbia City
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Eldership Meeting, Church of God (Winebrenner), Sep 1884
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Revival Meetings, Nov or Dec 1884
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Revival Meetings, Universalist Church and then skating rink, March 12, 1885 - 4 weeks. Here she received her call to divine healing.
William Branham, Healing Meeting, Roberts Park Amphitheater, Jun 7, and Jun 8am, and Jun 8pm, and Jun 9, and Jun 10, and Jun 12, and Jun 13, and Jun 14am, and Jun 14pm, 1953
William Branham, Healing Meeting, Nov 1959
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Revival Services, Jun or Jul 1885
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Healing Meeting, Evans Hall, Nov 19 - Dec 3, 1922
Oral Roberts, Healing Meetings, Dec 10-14, 1948
William Branham, Healing Meeting, Evansville Coliseum, Nov 22, 1953
Velmer Gardner, Healing Meetings, Calvary Assembly of God Church, 11 West Iowa St., Jan 31, 1954 (3 weeks)
Gayle Jackson, Voice of Healing Meetings, Tent, Jul 13 - Aug 8, 1954
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Revival Meeting, end of Mar, 1885
Ft Wayne
William Branham, Healing Meeting, Jul 1951
Gayle Jackson , Healing Meetings, City Auditorium Sep 23 - Oct 20, 1949
Gaston (then New Corner, Delaware County)
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Revival Meeting, Jan or Feb 1885
William Branham, Healing Meeting, Georgetown High School, Feb 1956
Greenfield (and Millenor's Corner)
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Revival Services, Greenfield and schoolhouse near Millenor's Corner, mid 1885 (after Elwood)
Greentown (and Xenia)
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Revival Services, mid 1885 (after Elwood)
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Revival Services in Opera House, and Church of God built at the intersection of W. North and Anderson Streets, 1887
William Branham, Healing Meetings, Civic Center, Jul 2-20, 1952 -- Jul 13am, and Jul 13pm, and Jul 15, and Jul 16, and Jul 17, and Jul 18, and Jul 20am, and Jul 20pm, 1952
Hartford City, Blackford County
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Revival Services, Methodist Church then opera house, Jan 1885 - 5 weeks New York Times Article February 1885 - (also written up in the Cincinnati Enquirer) then moved to Opera House, April 11-12, 1885
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Revival Meeting, Baptist Church and Lutheran Church, late 1883 or early 1884
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Revival Meeting, Buzzard's schoolhouse, Nov or Dec 1884
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Healing Meetings, Meridan Skating Rink, then 5000 person Hall, Nov 1886-Mar 1887
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Healing Meeting, December 1890 - Jan 1891
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Healing Meeting, 1905
John G. Lake, short-term pastor at Gospel Tabernacle, East Street, Nov or Dec 1907-March 1908 before leaving for South Africa
Finis E. Yoakum, Pentecostal Camp Meeting, Salem Park, Jul 29 - Aug 14, 1910
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Healing Meeting, Feb and Jul 1912
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Healing Meeting, Jun 1914
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Woodworth-Etter (W-E) Tabernacle, 2114 W Miller St and Belmont Ave, 1918
Aimee Semple Mcpherson and Maria Woodworth-Etter, Revival Meetings, W-E Tabernacle, Oct 30, 1918
Maria Woodworth-Etter, W-E Tabernacle, 2 weeks, Oct 17, 1920
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Holiday Revival Services, W-E Tabernacle, Dec 25, 1920 - Jan 2, 1921
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Revival Services, W-E Tabernacle Mar 19 - Apr 10, 1921
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Revival Services, Tent, Arbor Ave and Henry Streets, Sep 3 - Sep 25, 1921
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Holiday Campaign, Dec 17, 1922 - Jan 1, 1923
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Revival Services, Jul and Aug, 1923
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Easter Revival Services, Apr 12 - 27, 1924
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Revival Services, Jun 1924
F.F and B. B. Bosworth, Healing Meetings, Cadle Tabernacle, Nov 9, 1924-Dec 1924
F.F and B. B. Bosworth, Healing Meetings, Cadle Tabernacle, Apr 1925
Raymond T. Richey, Campaign, Cadle Tabernacle, late Spring or Summer 1925
Faith Hospital and Rest Home, Next to the Four-Fold Gospel Tabernacle, Pastors Earl and Beulah Clark, Indianapolis, Indiana 1926
F. F. Bosworth, Healing Meetings, 63rd Street and Peoria, Aug 18-Oct 15, 1931
Louise Nankivell, Deliverance Meetings, Indiana State Fairgrounds, Indiana State University Auditorium, Apr, 1951
William Branham, Healing Meeting, Cadle Tabernacle, Jun 1956 and Jun 1957
William Branham, Branham Tabernacle, Eighth and Penn Street, 1933-1965
William Branham, Healing Meeting, Parkview Junior High School, Feb 1965
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Revival Services, Friend's Church then Courthouse then skating rink, May or June (?) 1885 (three weeks)
La Paz
F. F. Bosworth, Evangelistic, Pentecostal, and Healing Meetings, United Brethren Church, summer or fall 1908
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Revival Meeting, at Shiloh near Liberty, between Jul and Nov, 1883
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Revival Services, 24 Aug, then again Sep, 1884 (10 days)
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Revival Services, Nov 1907
(near) Millenor's Corner
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Revival Services, Schoolhouse, Jun (?), 1885
William Branham, First healing meeting after recommitting to his call, summer 1941 for 2 weeks, baptism service at Totten's Ford on the Blue River
Wilbur Ogilvie & Gordan Lindsay, Voice of Healing Meetings, late June or early July 1949
Monroeville, Allen County
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Healing Meeting, Methodist Episcopal Church, Nov 1883 - 3 weeks
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Healing Meeting, 1885
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Healing Meetings, Royal Skating Rink, 1886
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Healing Meeting, Church of God (Winebrenner), Nov 20 - Dec 1890 (Reference from History of Delaware County)
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Healing Meeting, 1920
Newcome Corner (15 miles from Hartford City)
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Revival Meeting, Feb 1885 - 1 week, April 13, 1885
New Haven, Allen County
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Revival Services, Methodist Church, between Aug and Sep, 1884
David Wesley Myland, Bible School and Gibeah Home, Summer 1912
David Wesley Myland, Feast of Tabernacles Convention, Sep 20-30, 1912
David Wesley Myland, Gibeah Campmeeting, Jun 15-22, 1913
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Revival Services, May 1885 - eight days
Pleasant Mills
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Revival Services, before July, 1883
F. F. Bosworth and Cyrus Fockler, Evangelistic, Pentecostal, and Healing Meetings, Tent, Late June 1908
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Revival Services, May (1 week ) 1885
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Tent meeting 1885
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Home on Lake Manitou, Woodworth Place, 1885 - 1891
Sheldon, Allen County
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Revival Services, Methodist Episcopal Church, before August 1884
South Bend
F. F. Bosworth, Cyrus B. Fockler, Healing and Pentecostal Meetings, several months summer 1908
William Branham, Healing Meeting, Feb 1958
Raymond T. Richey and F. F. Bosworth, Healing Meeting, Lester Sumrall's Church, 1954
Kathryn Kuhlman, Evangelism/Healing Meetings, Sep 1975
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Revival Services, Feb 25, 1885
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Revival Services, Union Church, Nov or Dec 1884
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Revival Services, Church of God, Dec 1896
Terre Haute
Raymond T. Richey, Campaign, Spring or Summer 1925
William Branham, Healing Meeting, National Guard Armory, Feb 1958
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Revival Services, Methodist Church, April 26- May - 2 weeks, 1885
William Branham, Healing Meeting, Glad Tidings Tabernacle, Oct 1959
Willow Branch
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Revival Services, mid 1885 (after Elwood)
Woods Chapel
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Revival Services, summer 1883
(near) Zanesville and Markle
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Evangelistic Meeting in Zion, before May 1883 (10 weeks)
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Revival Meeting in Little River, Union Chapel, after Sep 1884 before Nov 1884
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Revival Meeting in Trinity, after Sep 1884 before Nov 1884
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Revival Meeting in Garrison's Schoolhouse, Nov 1884


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