Healing and Revival


US - Maryland Listings

Rev Traver, Divine Healing Meetings, 1888
R. Kelso Carter, Home, 1404 Park Ave, 1890s
R. Kelso Carter, Boarding House (Home), 304 W. Lanvale St., 1900
Aimee Semple McPherson, Evangelistic and Healing Meetings, Lyric Theater, Dec 4-21, 1919 Then again starting Jan 18, 1920 Meeting Description
James Moore Hickson, Healing Missions, Grace and St Peter's Churches, Dec 1919 and Apr 1920
Aimee Semple McPherson, Evangelistic Campaign, 1920
David Nunn, W. V. Grant, R. W. Culpepper, Voice of Healing Camp Meeting, Tent, Washington Blvd & Inverness Ave., Jul 14-23, 1961
Clifton O. Erickson, Meeting, Faith Outreach Chapel, Nov 11-13, 1988


B. B. Bosworth and wife, Evangelistic and Healing Meetings, Alliance Church (old United Brethren Building) Jun or Jul 1940


Mountain Lake Park
Carrie Judd (later Montgomery), Elizabeth Sisson, Jennie Smith, Christian and Missionary Alliance Convention, Sep 3-9, 1889
Grace Cottage with Jenny Smith and Adelaid Sherman
Faith Home, run by the Christian and Missionary Alliance, 1897



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