Healing and Revival


US - New Jersey Listings

Clark Township
Raymond T. Richey, Church Dedication, Alliance Tabernacle, Easter Sunday, 1938
Jersey City
James Moore Hickson, Healing Missions, Apr or May 1920
Long Branch
Aimee Semple and Harold McPherson, Tent Meetings, Spring 1917
James Moore Hickson, Healing Missions, Apr or May 1920
B. B. Bosworth and wife, Evangelisitc and Healing Meetings, Gospel Tabernacle, Oct, 1935
William Branham, Healing Meeting, Essex Theater, Dec 1957
Ocean Grove
Miss Mary H. Mossman, Faith Cottage, 31 Embury Ave., 1880s- early 1900s
Finis E. Yoakum, Healing Meetings, Laurel Island Campgrounds, Jul 20 - Aug 4, 1912
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Camp Meeting , Jul (?), 1913
John and Olive Kellner, Healing Evangelistic Meetings, First Assembly of God, 400 West 8th Street, April 12-May 3, 1953
Unknown City
Stephen Jeffreys, Evangelistic and Healing Meetings, 1928


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