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(Sorry about the long list. We are trying to address repeated questions or e-mail requests as clearly as possible before you write to us. Thanks)


-> Yes our webpages, pictures, and research are are copyrighted. It is exactly the same as a printed book. It is not okay to reproduce our material in your publications without explicit permission! We are most likely to give permission for printed (non-digital) work which gives clear authorship and contact information within the article itself. There are thousands of hours of work on this site and we ask that you honor the efforts of those who are providing it to you as a reference. We may work with an established church in international venues to translate our material, but our policy is not to work with individual ministries for this purpose. It has been our unfortunate experience to find individual ministries are the ones most often reproducing our work without permission in order to increase traffic and attention to their sites.

-> We are a small group of researchers with no funding. Please do not ask us for money or free books. We will not reply to such requests.

-> This site is made free to use but is kept up at the personal cost of the researchers. Please consider donating if you have found it a blessing.

-> You cannot visit us. We don't have an office.

-> We do not coordinate speaking engagements for anyone listed on our site. In fact the majority of those listed have died.

-> We do not send people out as speakers for church conventions or conferences so please don't ask.

-> If you want a researcher to work with a team to cover your area in the United States or Canada that may be possible, as time permits and if expenses are covered.

-> We do not send out regular e-mails or have an e-mail list. All updates are noted in the updates blog. Research is done as time and finances permit.

-> Please do not send us prayer requests as we do not have a prayer team. We have provided a link to the World Prayer Center Prayer Team for those needing prayer.

-> If you have historical questions for us we will try and be helpful as time permits, but our time is limited and you may not get an answer right away.

-> If you would like to see someone included on the site you can send a suggestion and we will consider it. Remember this is HEALING and Revival and we focus on those revivalists with a strong healing focus. Later we may add non-healing revivalists (like Moody or Finney) but for now we we are sticking to our basic mission of healing revivalists.

-> Our site contains thousands of external links (meaning we link to pages that do not belong to us). If you are interested in contacting us about any information from a webpage please check that it contains "healingandrevival.com" in the URL before you contact us. If it does not please contact those sites directly.

-> If you feel there are any inaccuracies or broken links in our content we are more than happy to fix the problem. Please provide the specific content you feel needs to be corrected, the webpage URL it is located on, any sources supporting your changes, and a return e-mail so we can ask you questions if necessary.

-> We no longer provide a list of current healing ministries. Too many people were offended that we would not list their ministry or organization.

-> If you don't agree with this site and plan on sending a critical or "corrective" e-mail please don't bother. We sincerely bless you, but the mail will be deleted and not responded to.

-> Please be aware that scammer companies are abusing our e-mail by pretending healingandrevival.com is sending out sales ads. They do this by putting our e-mail adress in their reply to line. This is known as "spoofing" and we have no control over this nefarious behavior. We DO NOT send out admail of any sort.


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