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Remarkable Healing Through Charles F. Parham

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Most people associate Charles Parham with the early Pentecostal Movement but he had a healing ministry his entire life.  In 1905 he was holding healing meetings in Houston, Texas.  A woman came to the meetings who had been in a streetcar accident in 1902 and was paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. After prayer "She rose from her chair and walked about the hall in a Continue reading the story "Remarkable Healing Through Charles F. Parham"

The Miracle on Ward 17 – God Used Agnes Sanford

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Among the three was the miracle of Frederick. He lay in a private cell, which meant, according to the usage of that hospital, that his death was imminent. He was so gaunt and shriveled that he looked like a wizened old monkey. His skin was yellow, the ribs protruded, and the skin fluttered between them as he breathed. There were tubes in both nostrils and attached Continue reading the story "The Miracle on Ward 17 – God Used Agnes Sanford"

Healing Through James Moore Hickson

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(A rather over the top reporting style, but the facts remain the same…)

Report of Healing in Paris Through James Moore Hickson

A prominent Parisian actress, wounded in the breast by a desperate lover whom she had refused to marry, implored the healer to close her wounds and take away the ceaseless burning ache that made her days wretched and her nights a torment. Breathlessly the Continue reading the story "Healing Through James Moore Hickson"