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Locating Willard Street in Current Boston
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Books, Articles, and Tracts By Cullis
Faith Healing By Charles Cullis
Songs of Victory - Compiled By Cullis
Other Faith Cures; or Answers To Prayer In The Healing Of The Sick
I Believe God
Power That Moves Heaven
The Lord Is With Thee
Believest Thou This?
The Living Bread
The Hand Of Power
The Keeping Power Of Christ
Fill The Water Pots
Be Of Good Cheer
God In Little Things
The Lost Found
Jesus Stood Still
Other Things


Charles Cullis first became famous in 1864 when he established the Home for Consumptives in Boston, Massachusetts. He took George Mueller to be his model and never asked anyone for money, but depended on God to provide every cent. It was an amazing work. This compiled report details Cullis's testimony and his absolute faith in a trustworthy God. If you like reading about George Mueller you will like reading the Consumptive Home report. It wasn't until 1870 that the first person was healed in these homes, after the publication of this report.

Comsumptive Home Reports (25-45 pages each part)
We are aware that some of the pages in the following reports have scan problems. We will attempt to correct them as time permits.
Part 1 - 1st Annual Report 1864 to 1865 - Introductions, Chapters 1 and 2
Part 2 - 1st Annual Report 1864-1865 - Chapters 3 and 4
Part 3 - 1st Annual Report 1864-1865 - Chapter 5
Part 4 - 2nd Annual Report 1865-1866 - First Half of Report
Part 5- 2nd Annual Report 1865-1866 - Second Half of Report
Part 6- 3nd Annual Report 1866-1867 - First Half of Report
Part 7- 3nd Annual Report 1866-1867 - Second Half of Report
Part 8- 4th Annual Report 1867-1868 - First Half of Report
Part 9- 4th Annual Report 1867-1868 - Second Half of Report
Part 10- 5th Annual Report 1868-1869 - First Half of First Chapter
Part 11- 5th Annual Report 1868-1869 - Second Half of First Chapter
Part 12- 5th Annual Report 1868-1869 - Children's Home and Willard Chapel
Part 13- 5th Annual Report 1868-1869 - Willard Tract Repository amd Deaconess Home


Books and Articles About Cullis
Faith Work Under Dr. Cullis In Boston by W. E. Boardman
The Boston Wonder by J. B. F. Walker (1869)
Sick and Sorry - An Abbreviated Biography of Cullis (1874)
Noble Workers "The Consumptives Friend" - Excerpt On Cullis With Picture (1875)
Quote From Charles Cullis - Christ Is All
Consumptives Home Note On The 1st Annual Report
Consumptives Home Note On The 4th Annual Report
Consumptives Home Note On The 9th Annual Report
Consumptives Home Note On 15th Annual Report
Description Of Cullis' Consumptives Home
1872 Boston Illustrated - Consumptives Home
Another Description Of The Consumptives Home
Dr Cullis' Labours - The Sunday Magazine (1874)
Excerpt From A. J. Gordon's Ministry Of Healing Referring To Cullis
The Faith Cure Isms by Rev Wm I. Gill. A. M. (Includes Drawings of Cullis Buildings) From The New England Magazine and Bay State Monthly 1886
Medical Monthly Reports On Cullis
Prayer And Its Remarkable Answers - Excerpt On Cullis
Description of Intervale Park Convention
Bacon's Dictionary of Boston Of Boston - Grove Hall
Short Description Of Grove Hall
1894 Massachusetts State Board Of Charity Report On The Consumptives Home
A British Homeopathic Physician Visits The Consumptives Home
The Influence of Dr Charles Cullis by Rev Kenneth MacKenzie
How They Entered Into Canaan - Charles Cullis
How They Entered Into Canaan - Lucretia Cullis
Fact Stranger Than Fiction, The Wonder of Prayer edited by D. W. Whittle
Description of Cullis's Tuesday Meetings for Holiness by W. E. Boardman
Touching Incidents and Remarkable Answers to Prayer - Short Descripton of Cullis' Work Included
Christian and Missionary Alliance Obituary


Cancer Cured By Faith
Wanted To Test The Power of Prayer


Report of Visit of Dr. and Mrs. Cullis to Boydton
Boydton Institute Report
Boydton Academic and Bible Institute, School for African Americans opened in 1879 by Cullis, taken over in 1910 by the Christian and Missionary Alliance


Where Buried

The top of the gravestone says "I Believe God"

Mt Auburn Cemetery

(Lot 3089 Citron Ave within cemetery)

580 Mt Auburn St

Cambridge, MA 02138


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