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Locating Willard Street


Willard Street was the first site of Dr. Charles Cullis' Consumptive Homes. It was also where God first spoke to him about healing. He prayed for Lucy Drake Osborn on Willard Street and she was healed in 1870. The Willard Street Tract Repository started here and produced works that influenced a generation in Divine Healing. This is a "fountainhead" well for healing. It took us several months to locate Willard Street because it no longer exists.

1856 Map of Boston showing Vernon Street, which was the name of the street when Cullis first moved there.

1872 Map of Boston showing Willard Street.

Current Map of Boston - Massachusetts General Hospital Owns the Land.

Overlay of 1856 Map of Vernon Street and Current Boston Map.

Overlay of 1872 Map of Willard Street and Current Boston Map.

Thanks to the David Rumsey Map Collection for These Amazing Maps and Overlays. Want to know more?


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