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Opening the Wells of Revival

God often moves in a place that He has moved before. A great book that covers this subject was written by Lou Engle called "Digging the Wells of Revival, Reclaiming Your Historic Heritage Through Prophetic Intercession". This was done in Spokane, Washington as God called people to open the well of healing that was started in John G. Lake's time. We recommend the book "Preparing the Way" by Cal Pierce which details this process. It is our goal to provide a listing of places where we have found that God has moved in healing before. It is not comprehensive, but we are constantly adding to it as we collect new information. The preponderance of listings are from the United States, due to availability of printed material. Feel free to e-mail us information you are aware of, but it cannot be published without supporting documentation (copies of newspapers, excerpts from books, fliers etc) so please send those copies along as well. Our goal is that every listing will have a link with an ad or a report about the event.

Remember one thing - the addresses listed are from original research material. Streets may have changed names, disappeared, relocated etc. We can give you these original addresses but tracking them down my be a challenge at times. Your local libraries and historical societies are wonderful resources to help you in your searches. May God bless you as you dig the wells of revival in your areas.

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So the question is... now that you have this information how do you find out more?? Here's an example provided by someone in Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States.

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