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For Maria-Woodworth-Etter Meeting Listed as September 1915

It's all about legwork! Local newspapers will have articles on large meetings or at least announcements in the religion or church sections. Your local library has older newspapers in their collections, often on microfiche. This will give you dates and places. In an example, given below, there is no Huerfano Street currently listed in Colorado Springs but the Local History section of the library indicated that the street was renamed to Colorado Avenue. They also could look up what was built on those streets at the time and it turns out there was only one of the four corners that was open and could hold a tent in 1915. Once we identified the place we then took some intecessors to stand where Woodworth-Etter had been. We prayed that God would use the seed planted all those years ago and restore healing to our city and that the wells of revival would be opened once more.

The original article about the visit was described in "A Diary of Signs and Wonders" by Maria Woodworth-Etter.

Gazette Telegraph Newspaper September 4, 1915

Churches Section

Gazette Telegraph Newspaper September 11, 1915

Churches Section

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