Pheonix Resident Healed of Cancer Through William Branham in March 1948

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Last September I went to Dr. Weldon Baker, North Second Street, Phoenix, Arizona. and he made two x-rays. He found that I bad a bad case of colitis, that my heart was enlarged from poison, that only one-fifth of my liver was active, and that there were several stones as big as my thumbnail on the right side. of my liver. I started on a six.week treatment, but became very sick.. Dr. Anderson attended me and said I had cancer, but had waited too long before getting help. I became very sick and couldn't take any more treatments. My colon had to be opened up to permit the waste to pass through. I had a very bad spell. Dr. Baker came, and the saints were praying when he got there. He told me later that I had been dead two minutes, but that Jesus had heard the saints' cries.

I was in bed nine weeks and lost 40 pounds. At times I was so bad that I could not swallow water for five days. Then came the announcement that William Branham was coming to Phoenix the second of March to pray for the sick and afflicted. My husband was at church early that first Sunday night, but Brother Branham was unable to get to me. Nor was be able to get to me the following night, although I witessed many miracles of the healing of others. The next day I was taken again, but when I reached the church I became very sick. They brought a cot for me, but I don't remember when I laid down.

The first I knew, Brother Branham was talking to me, saying: "Look at me sister." At first it was just a faint whisper, but the third time he repeated it I tried to open my eyes. After a while I could see hint and he asked me if I believed what he told me. I said, "Yes, because I could gee the angel standing beside you." Brother Branham then said, "Sister, your faith has saved you. That cancer was all over your stomach, but God has healed you. Every root is cursed and you will be well if you continue to believe, although it will take a month or six weeks for this to rot away. In 72 hours from now you will be very sick and in great pain, but just believe through it all." Then the Lord spoke through Brother Branham, and a warm oil started through my head outside and inside and went to my feet. As it went down, the pain left entirely and I felt very strong. I got off the cot shouting and dancing and was able to attend Five other services Brother Branham held in Phoenix.

When the 72 hours were up, I became very ill, and hurt so badly I couldn't even cry. I was terribly sick for a little over two weeks, then I began to eat anything I wanted, where before I had been living on fruit juices and soup. Seven weeks after I had been prayed for, I had several more x-rays taken and these showed I was entirely healed. Dr. Baker told me that I might tell all of this, and he would gladly show the x-rays to anyone who would like to see them, or be would talk to them personally. I an praising Jesus for it!

MRS. Hattie Waldrop Adams Street Phoenix, Arizona

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