The miraculous “seeing” of Ronald Coyne

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In 1951, (Roscoe) Ronald Coyne’s right eye was damaged because a piece of wire had gotten stuck in it.  Infection set in and the eye had to be surgically removed.  He was given a plastic eye to wear so the loss would not stand out.  The eye did not look quite normal as it could not move when the other eye did.

In 1952 the Coynes family attended a Miracle Tent Crusade being conducted by Evangelist Daisy Gillock, sister of Dr. T.L. Osborn.  Ronald’s mother sent him up to the prayer line because he had been having tonsil problems.  When Gillock asked him what he wanted prayer for he said throat problems.    She prayed and Coynes started to move away from her.  She stopped him and asked what was wrong with his eye as it did not look normal.  He said he was blind in that eye (not mentioning that it had been removed.) She prayed for the miracle of sight and the most amazing thing happened.  Ronald began to see out of the eye, even though there was not an eye existing to see out of!  He was tested by doctors and unbelievably they came to the conclusion  that his vision was simply not possible in any normal way.   It did not matter whether his plastic eye was in or out.  He still had miraculous vision.

For the rest of his life Ronald Coynes traveled the world giving his testimony of miracle sight.  He eventually became a pastor with a traveling ministry. He faced intense and constant criticism because many people did not believe God would do anything like that.  He gave his testimony in Christian meetings, on television shows, churches, and any place that God opened the door for him.  His only requirement was that he had to have an opportunity to present the gospel.  Over his life millions of people heard the gospel of Christ and his testimony of a miracle working God.


To see a video of Coynes with his testimony watch this you-tube video:


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