No Longer Crippled – Healing Through John and Olive Kellner

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We have just added a biography for John and Olive Kellner.  They were Assembly of God Pastors who stepped into the healing movement in the 1950s and became Voice of Healing Associate Editors.  They held a meeting at the Assembly of God Church in New Castle, PA in November of 1954.  This story comes from that meeting.

Our baby was born with her right hip grown outward. As a result, her right leg and knee were twisted terribly, and her foot was turned completely to the right. She was unable to stand with both her feet flat on the floor. I-Ier right leg was shorter. She could not step with it. When she sat in the high chair, her leg would draw up beneath her. She could not dangle her leg from the chair as she sat.

We took our daughter to two orthopedic surgeons. They both prescribed shoe braces until her hip should grow normally, which would have made our daughter a semi-invalid. We bought the braces, and were just waiting to get them fitted, when a campaign of salvation-healing meetings began at our church (November, 1954). John and Olive Kellner were the evangelists. We decided we would ask the evangelists to pray for our daughter before having the shoe braces fitted.

When Sister Kellner prayed, our girl’s leg straightened and lengthened instantly. She was able to stand flat on her foot! She can now step normally, stand normally, and sit normally with her leg dangling over the seat of her chair. Now when I tell people about the miracle, I stand her up and ask them to guess which. leg God straightened. Usually they pick the left leg, and when I tell them it was the right leg they agree that the Lord did a good job of healing it. I took her to the doctor and he asked me what had happened. He said her leg is normal now.

Mrs. William J. Madden, Route 3, Chapin Road, New Castle, Pa. (Endorsed by S. W. Brewer, Pastor First Pentecostal Church, New Castle, PA)

Reprinted from the November 1955 Pentecostal Evangel

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