The Healing of Lester Sumrall’s Mother

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When Sumrall was a boy his mother, Betty, had breast cancer  She had an open sore about the size of a sliver dollar.  Because of the pain, for many nights she cried herself to sleep.  In those days, shortly after WW I, surgeons didn’t have the techniques or medications that modern doctors use.  Her doctor said if he attempted to remove the cancer, she would die. He dressed the sore and kept it clean.

One night, Betty walked the floor most of the night, crying to God for relief from her pain. Just before sunrise she fell across her bed and went to sleep. Sumrall’s mother dreamed that Jesus walked into her bedroom and looked at her with compassion.  He tenderly touched her chest.  After she awakened she told Sumrall’s father, George, about the dream.  He was skeptical.

A few days later George asked about her pain.  Betty said she had “almost forgotten about the cancer. ” She added “the pain is gone.”  Later when Betty went into her bedroom the cancer dropped off her body. 

Betty Sumrall lived more than 40 years after that healing.  She died at the age of 87 from natural causes. 

Excerpt from “I Believe in Healing” by Cecil Murphey. 

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