Healing Through Gayle Jackson

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It was a revival in around 1980 in Salem, MO. The evangelist as I knew him was brother Gayle Jackson. I was 7 years old. I wore glasses for crossed eyes from around the age of 2 and I had actually had surgery to repair with no affect. I hated my glasses, I was made fun of constantly. The night I attended the revival I had to work up my courage, there were a lot of people there. But I knew I wanted my eyes healed. I walked up to Brother Jackson and told him what I wanted healed. He laid his hands on my eyes and we prayed. He lifted his hands and I will forever remember his words. “Straight as an arrow!” All the way home I remember listing off all the things I wouldn’t have to endure since I didn’t have to wear glasses any more!
A few days later my twin sister had the same result! She was prayed for and healed too! I went to school the next day and my teacher asked me where my glasses were. That seven year old little girl looked her straight in the eye and told her “ I don’t need my glasses any more, Jesus healed my eyes!” That night I had learned that the school contacted my mother and told her that we were to wear our glasses until an exam said otherwise. My mom politely told them. We will get and exam, not for us but for you, and they will not wear them until the doctor says they have to.
We both, my twin and I, went back to the same doctor we had seen since the beginning. I remember him looking into my eyes with his machines sitting back and looking at my mom in surprise, looking again then sitting back looking at my mom and saying “what did you do!! They no longer need glasses!!” This has had a profound effect on my life and my faith. I love telling people my story!

Malinda Hagenhoff (Varner)

Thanks Malinda for sharing this wonderful testimony!

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