Man raised from the dead through a cardiologist

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Dr Chauncy Crandall is a cardiologist and a Christian.  He was called in when a Jeff Marken arrived in the emergency room and had a massive heart attack. The man had been dead for 30 minutes and the staff had been working on him for that entire time.  When Dr. Crandall arrived the man had clearly died.  In fact Dr. Crandall said “he was the deadest man I’d ever seen.”  His whole body was black – his hands, his legs, his feet, his face.  It’s called cyanosis.

Dr Crandall told the emergency room physician to declare Mr. Marken dead.  The staff filled out the paperwork and the nurse began removing the tubes and preparing the body to go to the morgue.  As Dr Crandall turned to leave the room he heard the Lord say “Turn around and pray for that man.”  He kept walking and a second time the Lord said “Turn around and pray for that man.”  Dr. Crandall turned back and went to pray for him.  He wasn’t sure what to pray, but as he stood there the Holy Spirit took over.  He prayed “Father God I cry out for this man’s soul.  If he does not know you as his Lord and Savior raise him from the dead now, in Jesus’ name.”  The nurse thought he was crazy.  Jeff Marken’s arm suddenly shot up in the air.  When the emergency room doctor came back into the room Dr. Crandall said “shock this man one more time.”  The emergency room doctor didn’t want to, but did it to honor Dr. Crandall’s request.  He shocked the patient one more time and immediately a perfect heart beat came on the monitor.  The doctors and the nurse were stunned.  Then the chest started moving and the abdomen, the hands and the feet.  They rushed him to intensive care.  It was a Friday night.  Dr. Crandall called his partner and told him Jeff Marken had been raised from the dead and that he would live because he evidently had a call of God on his life.

When Dr. Crandall came in on Monday morning and Jeff Marken was sitting up in bed.  Dr Crandall asked Jeff what he’s gone through while he was being worked on in the hospital.  Jeff described being all alone in a casket in a dark place for what seemed an eternity.  Then some beings wrapped him up and threw him away like trash.  Jeff was so distraught by what he’d experienced.  Dr. Crandall told him if he accepted Jesus he would never be alone and he would never be thrown away.  Jeff accepted Jesus then and there.

Jeff has been given a second chance by Jesus.  He has no complications from being dead for over 40 minutes.  He has regular checkups but no heart problems.  Dr. Crandall says that was not a day where he had “big faith” he just wanted to get on with his work.  Still because he stopped and prayed with the little faith he had God used him in this miraculous way.  Dr. Chauncey has written a book about his experience called “Raising the Dead.” (We carry this book in our bookstore.)

Listen to the complete testimony Dr. Crandall gave on CBN to Pat Robertson.

Click here for Dr. Crandall’s Full Testimony on CBN


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