The Healing of Jo Gummelt Through Kathryn Kuhlman

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Jo Gummelt was the wife of a Southern Baptist minister.  She was very ill with a very rare kidney disease called renal papillary necrosis.  The doctors in the Washington, DC area had never seen it before.  The doctors believed it was an allergic reaction to an over the counter pain medication.  Both kidneys were 1/3 destroyed.  The doctors hoped that they could stabilize the deterioration.  Jo had every test possible.  She was on bed rest 12-14 hours a day.  Her hair was falling out.  The doctors warned her that a bacterial infection could shut her kidneys down. They described her kidneys as weakened sponges that would be prone to any attack.

A friend invited her to go to a Full Gospel Businessman’s Healing Meeting.  She didn’t really want to go. In fact she wore a fur hat pulled down low over her face because she didn’t want anyone to recognize her.  A healing service was not respectable to her.  She associated it with a tent meeting on the edge of town.  Then when Kathryn Kuhlman was announced she thought “oh my not a woman minister.”  She was very weak and tired from her condition.  The meeting was packed and she and her friend arrived an hour and a half late.  Jo could not stand up she was so tired.  They ended up sitting on the steps of the meeting room.

God had two people get up and offer their seats to the women since they had to leave.  The seats were in the second section close to the front.  Jo thought she had God figured out.  She had been a Southern Baptist all of her life.  She believed every testimony had been planted.  She didn’t believe anything she saw.  She was a total skeptic.  Still something was stirring in her heart.

At the end of the service Kathryn Kuhlman asked everyone in the meeting to raise their hands and sing “Lord I Receive You.”  Jo began to sing because she knew the song, but she did not want to lift her arms.  Her first act of faith was to lift her arms up slightly.  Then she said the Holy Spirit took over.  Before she knew it her arms were all the way up in the air.  She was under the presence of God.  It felt like her legs were stretching and she was on her toes.  Her hands then turned upward in an attitude of receiving.

At that moment a feeling of unworthiness, uncleanness and humility swept over Jo.  She had never experienced that before. Her head dropped as far as it would go.  She could not lift it.  She felt like the publican who could not even lift his eyes to heaven because of the awareness of his sin.  Jo began to weep and then a well of living water began to spring up inside of her.

From a distance she heard Kathryn’s voice say “oh Lord there’s Glory on this one.”  At the time Jo didn’t know what it meant, but later realized that the Lord was there with her.  Then Jo started feeling a sensation of warm water pouring over her.  Kathryn came to Jo and touched her wrist.  The presence of God increased to the point where she felt she had “had taken off to outer space.”  She had the feeling that she light and floating in warm water and the Lord was holding her.

Even though Jo knew that she was healed she did not immediately claim physical healing.  She just started living her life normally again.  She no longer stayed in bed.  She quit taking medications.  She stopped going to the doctor.  She took hold of the Word in a new way.  Then she experienced the filling of the Holy Spirit.  Her life was transformed. Her prayer life took off.

On a family trip a while later Jo suddenly noticed that her hair was growing back. To her this was a specific sign of her healing.  Her husband insisted that she go back to the doctors and have tests run again.  The doctor looked at the x-rays and said “I’m closing the book on this case because you are totally healed.  If you have any more kidney problems it will have nothing to do with this disease.”

Watch the full video testimony – click here!

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