PTSD and Nerve Damage Healed

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Dave came home from the war with severe PTSD symptoms and nerve damage.  He was in a wheelchair and constantly felt like he was being cut with razor blades, his skin felt like acid was being poured on it, and he felt his bones were being crushed.  He was extremely sensitive to bright lights and loud sounds.  He couldn’t even feel one of his hands.  His emotional state was one of constant fear and observance.  He couldn’t handle crowds and could barely spend time with his family.  His life was a physical and emotional wreck.  He saw a multitude of doctors, but found no relief.

Dave went to a Randy Clark meeting where he went to Randy to ask him a question.  He wasn’t even sure how he made it to the front since there was such a crush of people.  Randy took off his microphone and listened to Dave’s story. Randy asked a prayer team member named Mike to pray for Dave.  Mike grabbed Dave’s hand, which made him very nervous.  Mike also looked directly into Dave’s eyes and would not let him put his head down as he was overwhelmed with the guilt and shame of what happened to him during the war.  He had been haunted by those images and the emotional pain attached to them.

Dave began to sweat and felt like he wanted to get away.  Mike held on to him and took him through steps of healing.  It wasn’t a long prayer time, maybe about 5 minutes.  Dave said that it was like Jesus touching him.  A peace came over him like he hadn’t felt since he was a child.  When he got home Dave said it was like floating into his house.  His wife saw a difference right away and asked what happened.  He just cried out “I’m free.” His wife told him “Babe it looks like you have lost 2000 pounds off your shoulders and I don’t know who you are.”

Dave has gotten out of his wheelchair and off his medications. He plays with his kids, hugs them, and isn’t afraid all the time.  He went to a followup Randy Clark meeting.  His left hand was still numb but he told Jesus “look at all you’ve done for me.  Tonight when I go to the meeting it is going to be done.  I don’t need anyone to pray for me I just want to glorify what you’ve done.” As he was sitting in the lobby waiting for the doors to open he suddenly felt his left hand.  He said “hand… you’re back.” No one had prayed for him.  No worship music was playing.  He got on the phone and called his wife and said now no only am I free but now I can touch my hand, I can feel my hand, I can feel my fingers.  I can dance and it doesn’t hurt me and the lights don’t hurt me.  I am free and Jesus did it!

Taken from the ibethel tv testimony titled Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Healed! – March 05, 2013.  ( has some free and some paid content but you must sign up to use it)



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