Dying Woman Healed Under John Alexander Dowie

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This testimony was published in the February 5, 1897 Leaves of Healing Newsletter.  (Note: consumption was the old name for tuberculosis.)

GRIFFITH, IND. January 20, 1897.

 Dear Dr. & Mrs. Dowie,

I feel it a pleasure as well as my duty to add my testimony to the many hundreds of others-of my perfect healing – of many diseases, through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Never realizing good health and, after to me, an exhaustive trip to the Atlantic Coast, October, 1894, and on my return immediately resuming my office duties I overworked, and was stricken November 3rd with Hemorrhage of the Lungs.

 We first employed Dr. Pettibone, of Crown Point, Ind. He treated me, I think, for about two months, but failed to give me any relief. I even grew worse. Not only did the Hemorrhage continue, but other diseases set in. He did all he could for me.

My husband January 1st, 1895, then employed Dr. Vincent, one of the old and most able physicians of Valparaiso, Ind. He pronounced my case a very serious one. However, I was not benefited by the change in physicians. I still continued to grow worse.

I was then suffering with nervous prostration, hemorrhage of the lungs, water around the heart, tuberculosis, cancerous ulcers of the throat, congested liver, and what is known as Consumptian of the Bowels.   The appearance was that of the wasting away of the intestines. The sinking spells, though at first of short duration, now lasted for hours, and the Doctor thought I could not live through the month of March. He, however, still continued treating me until I think about the month of June.

He then told my husband that he did not think there was any chance for me to recover, and that it was useless for him to continue his visits any longer. He also told my friends at Valparaiso that it was only a matter of a short time with me. For the next two weeks I took but very little medicine, and strange to me I grew a little stronger. We were greatly encouraged, and felt we should not give up, but try some other good physician.

A friend of ours recommended Dr. Hilldebrand, of Chicago.  After a thorough examination he pronounced it Consumption, complicated with the other diseases I have heretofore mentioned.  In speaking about my throat (some of the soft tissues were eaten away) that what was gone could not be replaced. The ulcers were discharging all the time, and the roof of the month was yellow. After applying the medicine he prescribed for the throat; more ulcers opened up, and under his treatment I failed very rapidly.

I then determined not to take any more medicine, and I realized my life was worth more without than with it.  A friend of ours, Mr. Wood, claims agent on C. &  G. T. R. R., told me about some wonderful man in Chicago that could heal all kinds of diseases without taking any medicine. I could scarcely credit it, but he kept constantly urging me to go, and said he thought there was yet a chance for me to recover.

I consented, providing I could possibly get there. We sent in a request to you for prayers, and I gained a little strength so that in about a week’s time (though given up by friends and pronounced hopeless by physician) my husband, on August 18th, took me to Divine Healing Home No. 1, 6020 Edgerton Avenue.

I was so badly bloated (caused by water around the heart) that I was unable to wear any of my dresses; they were almost three inches too small around. I had to wear loose gowns. After laying on hands and praying for me on Monday, the following day after my arrival, the water around the heart seemed to drop clown and the bloat all left me.I wrote my folks (who live but a short distance out of the city) to bring me my dresses. They did so, and I had no trouble wearing any of them.

The second time you laid hands on and prayed with me I was healed of nervous prostration, water around the heart, hemorrhages of the lungs, kidney trouble, muscular rheumatism, piles, bowels perfectly natural. But the terrible throat difficulty remained. I asked you on the following Tuesday, about a week after I was there, at one of the Home Assemblies to put your fingers down my throat. You did so, in the name of Jesus, and those terrible diseases that for many months had been eating my very life away were all destroyed by the hand of the Great Physician through your agency, whom God hath blessed with the Gifts of Healing.

I was at the Home in just two weeks, and the Sabbath we started for home we could not make connections on street cars, and my husband said I walked nearly two miles, and did not feel the least fatigued.  Two months after I came home I learned to do housework, and have done my own work ever since.

It has been one year and four months since I was healed. With the exception of two colds I have been in perfect health, and cannot praise God enough for all of the many blessings He has showered on me. The ulcers have all disappeared, and the soft parts that were eaten and separated by the disease have drawn together and healed. My voice has been very strong. I was just making arrangements to take lessons in ‘voice culture’ when I contracted quite a severe cold. I went to Zion Home for a short time.  You prayed with me, and I was healed.

I am now in good health. I dearly love to visit Zion Home and listen to the wonderful instructions we receive from you and dear Mrs. Dowie about God’s beautiful way of healing his “sick children” if they will only put their trust in him alone.

I truly hope that this Testimony may reach many suffering ones, and that they may be led to seek the Great Physician for their healing of Spirit, Soul and Body. I find the closer I keep at Jesus’ feet the more bountiful are His gifts to me.

Dear Dr. and Mrs. Dowie, I daily pray that yon may be successful in your “Onward Movement to Zion,’ and that you both may be spared many, many years until this beautiful gospel is spread worldwide.

Faithfully yours In Jesus,


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