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October 30, 2006

Mansfield Ohio

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We are working on the biography of Cyrus B. Fockler and came across an unusual historical event. If anyone lives in the Mansfield Ohio area we would suggest that this is might be an area of repentence to re-open wells of healing. In the late Spring to Fall of 1900 there was a problem. Members of Dowie’s Christian Catholic Church had started a branch in Mansfield, led by Cyrys B. Fockler. A couple of people from the church died without medical care and this inflamed the local populace. The media, politicians, and health authorities began to come against the church and its policies. Fockler responded by verbally attacking everyon who disagreed with him (following in the style of his mentor Dowie). It became so bad that a mob of 3000 people attacked the church elders, including Fockler and beat, tarred, and feathered them. The attacks on the homes of church members and leaders continued throughout the summer and fall of 1900. Police had to surround the meeting places to protect the church members. Other leaders were beaten and painted blue and driven out of town. When Dowie attempted to send reinforcing elders the police stopped the trains and made them get off before they ever reached Mansfield. These events became notorious and were reported around the entire country. Although many people did not like Dowie or his church, the fact that mobs were allowed to run wild attacking church members were considered horrendous. Seventy years after the event it was written up in the Mansfield news as the story that gave Mansfield a “black eye” in front of the entire nation.

October 18, 2006

A. A. Allen Meetings in Chicago

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We’ve updated the Illinois Wells of Revival listing to include some A. A. Allen meetings in Chicago in the 1950’s and 60s.  There is a R. W. Schambach meeting as well.  These new listings all have newspaper links. 

October 14, 2006

Added a couple of Elias Letwaba references.

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While doing reserch on Cyrus Fockler we ran across a couple of new references on Elias Letwaba. We’ve added them to the reference section under Letwaba’s biography.

Working on Cyrus Fockler and minor updates

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Who was Cyrus B. Fockler? An associate of John G. Lake and F. F. Bosworth, an elder under John Alexander Dowie, a man who ministered with Maria Woodworth-Etter and Aimee Semple-Mcpherson, a founding member of the Assemblies of God denomination, and someone who started a Pentecostal Revival center in Milwaukee Wisconsin when a woman was dramatically healed and came out of a wheelchair. We’re currently collecting biographical information so if you have any please let us know.
We’ve added his name to the Timeline and updated the following states wells of revival listing – Arkansas, Georgia, Pennsulvannia, and Wisconsin.

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