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April 24, 2006

Boston Historical Maps Online

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We’re adding excerpts from Boston Historical Maps for Charles Cullis Healing Wells sites. Look under references for Charles Cullis or the Cullis links in Boston, Massachusetts under Wells of Revival. This will show the historical site overlaying a current map so you can walk the land that Cullis owned.

There is a terrific site called the David Rumsey Map Collection that overlays historical maps with current maps. Check it out for several historical cities.

April 2, 2006

Lam Jeevaratnam

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We’ve been contacted by family members of Lam Jeevaratnam. They have been kind enough to provide a couple of the pre-salvation advertisements for him. It appears that prior to his salvation he had been married in India, but got involved with a woman from England. He went through a marriage ceremony with her and had two children. Once saved though he left her and returned to India and his family there. Whether out of guilt, or other reasons, he never contacted his English family again. This is certainly a very sad aspect a man’s life who preached the gospel on three continents.

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