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May 1, 2011

Major Revamp on the A. B. Simpson Reference Page

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Due to the problems encountered when the CMA no longer allowed direct access to their archived magazines we are revamping pages that link to their site.  We have removed all inaccessible links on A. B. Simpson’s reference page and will be slowly doing the same for other pages as well.

We have added many links from both Google Books and Yahoo Book Archive sites.  Simpson was a prolific write and many books are available for your research.  Our preferred format is PDF, however Yahoo is now providing some books only in EPUB or Kindle formats.  You can access EPUB books through Adobe Digital Editions for the PC and the most current Overdrive Media Console for Apple products.  There is also an EPUB add-on for the Firefox browser.

For Kindle formatted books you can download Kindle Reader for the PC or Mac.

We do not provide technical support for these products, so please don’t ask us about them if you are having trouble.  Contact the companies directly for all support.  We are only providing links to the books for you.

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