The Healing of Jo Gummelt Through Kathryn Kuhlman

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Jo Gummelt was the wife of a Southern Baptist minister.  She was very ill with a very rare kidney disease called renal papillary necrosis.  The doctors in the Washington, DC area had never seen it before.  The doctors believed it was an allergic reaction to an over the counter pain medication.  Both kidneys were 1/3 [Read the full story …]

Man raised from the dead through a cardiologist

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Dr Chauncy Crandall is a cardiologist and a Christian.  He was called in when a Jeff Marken arrived in the emergency room and had a massive heart attack. The man had been dead for 30 minutes and the staff had been working on him for that entire time.  When Dr. Crandall arrived the man had [Read the full story …]

An amazing story of a miraculous healing in the late 1700s

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Excerpt from “Other Faith Cures” published by Dr. Charles Cullis in 1885. The following account of a most singular cure, the truth of which is so well attested as to put it beyond a doubt, is copied from an old London magazine of the year 1788.  God in all ages hath not left himself without a [Read the full story …]

Woman Healed of Deafness at a George Jeffries Meeting

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A further testimony of the healing virtue is that of a dear schoolteacher who was wonderfully healed whilst Principal Jeffreys was preaching. This took place in Hull as far back as 1922. Some years previously this sister had met with a very serious accident, in which the base of the skull was fractured, and concussion [Read the full story …]

Woman in Australia Healed of Multiple Diseases

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Hi, My name is Lars and I would like to tell you how God miraculously healed my friend Rebecca from a whole list of diseases, including deafness, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, tinnitus, and rhinitis. Rebecca went to school with Claudia and Billy, who had been Christians for a long time in our [Read the full story …]

The Healing of Dodie Osteen from Terminal cancer. (Joel Osteens Mother)

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In 1981 Dodie was not feeling well and was taken to the hospital.  The last thing she ever imagined was the diagnosis of metastatic cancer of the liver.  She had a tumor the size of an orange on her liver, plus two almond sized ones.  She’d assumed she had picked up hepatitis or something similar [Read the full story …]

Iris Ministries Missionary Healed Through Bill Johnson – Video Testimony

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Melissa McKinney is an Iris Ministries missionary who became seriously sick while overseas. After seeing several doctors without results, in a dream Jesus spoke to her and told her to go to Bethel Church in Redding, CA where she would receive complete healing. This video is her testimony. Watch this Godtube video with her testimony. [Read the full story …]

New Organs Createed Through Charles S. Price

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There was a minister in attendance who told us a remarkable story. He was an Anglican clergyman originally stationed near Saskatoon. Years ago when we, by the providence of our Lord, were privileged to speak in the Arena in that town he attended the meetings. His wife had had an operation in which the organs [Read the full story …]

Remarkable Healing Through Charles F. Parham

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Most people associate Charles Parham with the early Pentecostal Movement but he had a healing ministry his entire life.  In 1905 he was holding healing meetings in Houston, Texas.  A woman came to the meetings who had been in a streetcar accident in 1902 and was paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. After prayer “She [Read the full story …]

The Miracle on Ward 17 – God Used Agnes Sanford

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Among the three was the miracle of Frederick. He lay in a private cell, which meant, according to the usage of that hospital, that his death was imminent. He was so gaunt and shriveled that he looked like a wizened old monkey. His skin was yellow, the ribs protruded, and the skin fluttered between them [Read the full story …]